Bioidentical Hormon Therapy

Especially for women in the menopause, bioidentical hormone therapy is often a real blessing.

Not only for hot flushes, sleep disorders, depression and weight gain, but also with regard to the risk of developing osteoporosis with an increased risk of bone fractures, bioidentical hormones can help well.

Natural progesterone ensures the activation of bone formation, oestrogen delays the breakdown of bone. Oestriol ensures better mucous membranes, both vaginal and bladder-related.

A restless bladder often calms down, bladder infections are reduced.

Bioidentical hormones are produced semi-synthetically and are therefore similar to the body’s own hormones and identical in chemical structure.


zum Thema Frauen und  Hormone:
Prof. Dr. Johannes Huber

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Hormones age

Hormone levels are decreasing with age

The body-identical hormones progesterone, oestrogen, oestriol and testosterone can be produced from the yam root. However, synthetic hormones can also be produced from the yam root, whose structure has nothing to do with the body’s own hormones.

Individual counselling and control during therapy often – but not always – require a hormone level test.

The method of choice is the measurement of hormones in blood serum, because this best reflects the activity of hormones in the body.

Saliva testing is associated with extreme fluctuations for most hormones and is currently only recommended for determining cortisol levels.

If you have any questions, please contact me. I will be happy to advise you. The decision for or against hormone therapy has to be made individually. It is important to discuss any concomitant diseases or risk factors, to be able to express any fears and to have the freedom to decide against treatment.

You can also receive comprehensive advice on other hormone therapy, on how to proceed if you have other problems, if you wish to have children or if you have cycle disorders. I also have several years of training in homeopathic or phytotherapeutic treatment.

You are individual

Your hormones are different from any other woman. It’s possible that you have problems and your hormones are still quite perfect.

Your cycle is like a roller coaster with the ups and downs of each hormone and it’s possible you have the best roller coaster in the world, but unfortunately you are so sensitive that you get dizziness and nausea whenever it shoots down from the loop or rushes back down to the ticket booth.

You may think that you have “wrong” hormones or that your roller coaster is not working. This really has to be looked at on an individual basis and there are solutions to improve roller coasters, or there are women who can’t tolerate the roller coaster and do their rounds better on the children’s carousel.

There are also hormonal equivalents for such treatments.

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You are not alone

The thing with hormones is not as mechanistic as a car engine in which you only have to put the right oil.

The thing with the hormones and everything that then happens in the body, the whole hormone mix, is regulated very essentially by central points in the brain.

They are in the middle of all these streams of nerves and blood vessels. They are influenced by all your feelings, your stress, your sleep, your partner/…, your workload, your excess weight, your blood lipids, your children or non-existent children, your mood.

That’s why it’s right to not only talk about hormones during a consultation, but about everything.

And that’s why it’s also important to carefully fill out the questionnaire on all these areas.

The more I know, the better.