How it works …

Medical hormone counselling online !

Step 1: Registration

Registration for a video consultation or a phone call is done exclusively via the Medicosearch booking tool, which you can find at the top of the website under Book Appointment.

In the registration process, you will initially indicate whether you have been a patient with me before or are a new patient. You will then be directed to the appropriate registration. Book a 45 min. appointment as a new patient.

With the confirmation of the terms and conditions, a (new) treatment contract with me is concluded.

If you are insured with CH basic insurance, please indicate whether the invoice should be sent to the insurance company or to you by invoice. Credit card billing may be used if you are not insured in Switzerland.

We will be able to communicate via the Medicosearch video channel and you will use your smartphone or tablet. Medicosearch offers the high-security standard of Swiss data protection. Read my privacy policy here.

Your to-do list:

As a new patient, you will receive a medical questionnaire with your registration confirmation. Please fill it out completely online or print it out and send it to 3 days before our appointment so that I can be prepared for your appointment.

Please also send me any preliminary reports, lab sheets, mammogram results, surgery reports, etc. It is important – with or without hormone treatment – to have regular annual checkups, as well as a breast checkup. If the last annual check-up did not take place at my office, please download the Annual Check-up Report and confirm this with the doctor where you have been in the last year.

As my previous patient, you will need to ask the successor practice ( to release the old medical history and documents to me.

Step 2: Consultation

In our first video consultation, we clarify the current state of your hormone situation, which complaints are the main focus, and what the goal of the consultation or treatment is. We will also clarify whether a lab test is necessary.

If a (hormone) treatment should be initiated, we usually decide this at the first appointment. The prescription is then sent electronically or physically and you can start the discussed treatment.

I continue to work with the Medica laboratory. You can have blood samples taken at your doctor’s office or you can go directly to Medica for a blood draw.

I can arrange for these steps if breast exams or other gynecological exams are appropriate.

Step 3: Follow up

In the context of hormone treatment or hormone replacement therapy, there is always a follow-up appointment to find out what changes have already occurred and where the dosages or intake regimen can still be adjusted.

Step 4: Long-term care

Even if everything is going perfectly, consultations should take place at least once a year to clarify how things are going, whether there are any problems and whether it makes sense to continue the hormone treatment as it is or to take other interventions.

Your to-do list:

Stay with your current gynecologist, have a checkup once a year, including vaginal ultrasound, and go for regular breast diagnostics.