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holistic, natural women’s and hormone medicine at a high medical level – online.

Hormone counselling online

You can attend the appointments wherever you are. All it takes is an Internet connection. Otherwise, it remains a qualified medical service that requires some care. In how it works you can read how it works. An invoice will be sent to you, which you can pass on to your Swiss health insurance company. Alternatively, you can also pay by credit card.

The appointments for new patients are fully booked until well into 2025, so unfortunately no new admissions are possible at the moment.


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Dear women! My dear patients!

End of October 2022 I was at the International Menopause Congress in Lisbon  and then at the German Menopause Congress in Frankfurt. When I tell friends (men) about it, they shake their heads at what strange congresses there are.

This shows all the more how important it is to anchor this topic of menopause or women’s hormones in general in people’s minds, and how important it is that women actively deal with the important menopause topic, acquire knowledge, and can live through this phase in a self-determined way.

Another revelation for me was that there is so little communication between the medical specialties and subgroups that the internist or psychiatrist often doesn’t know what else is going on with their patients between 40 and 60.

So many women drag themselves through life with sleep disorders, mood swings, and weight changes without knowing what’s going on with them and finding the right place to turn for their problems.

A few great apps have been created or are coming and I want to try to put my knowledge there.

Here is an online offer for women in Switzerland, D and A, and internationally to get advice about hormone problems and treatment.


“A woman does not only consist of her symptom, but is an individual, complex being, which is integrated into a relationship, the family situation, the professional or school everyday life, the nutrition and exercise habits.

I don’t want to focus only on the current moment and the current phase of life. What is appealing about gynaecology is the consideration of a woman’s entire life span from the point of view of health.

Just as women (human beings) are woven into a web of conditions on the outside, the interlocking of different processes continues in the body.

Hormones mediate between the organs of our body and have a decisive influence on how we feel and what we are. I would like to offer a contribution to holistic, natural women’s and hormone medicine at a high medical level.

I also want to advocate for much better medical care for women with hormone problems and contribute to women knowing more about your wonderful bodies with the brilliant hormones.”

“WORK IS VISIBLY MADE LOVE” Khalil Gibran, The Prophet