GTCs (general terms and conditions)

The website and the medical consultations that can be booked via this website by video or telephone are a service operated by Dr. Laser Health AG. These GTC govern the relationship between the patients and Dr. Laser Health AG. Insofar as the terms and conditions do not contain any deviating regulations, the regulations on the simple contract (Art. 394ff. OR) apply.

With the confirmation of your booking for an appointment, a treatment contract is concluded between us. For the medical treatment and the legal situation, everything then applies as in a real medical practice.

On your part, you are obliged to provide me with truthful information about your personal data, your insurance data and your medical history. If information is missing, I or Dr. Laser Health AG cannot be held liable for the damage.

Please inform me immediately of any changes of address or insurance details as well as any changes to your contact details.

Terms of payment

The services are billed on a time basis (min. 15 min) according to the Swiss TARMED billing tariff (KVG Art. 41). Call and telephone numbers are billed and, if necessary, also the study of the file. A 60-minute consultation currently costs CHF 190.50. If your place of residence is abroad, CHF 10 will be added because of the higher billing costs.

Dunning or collection costs are at your expense.

If you are insured abroad, the invoice amount will be charged to the credit card you deposited in the registration process after the consultation. You will receive an invoice by post with the note “Cash payment”, which you can submit to your own (private) insurance company if necessary.

If the TARMED billing limit per time period is exceeded (which should only occur in rare exceptional cases), you will be notified. You would then be billed privately for the additional services, with the possibility of claiming these bills from your supplementary insurance.

Appointment cancellations

Appointment cancellations must be communicated at least 24 hours before the booked appointment, otherwise the time will be charged. Please cancel via online booking, then the booking and the appointment are deleted from the agenda. If necessary, you can also cancel via

Medical confidentiality

Enquiries are transmitted in encrypted form using the current electronic possibilities. They are treated confidentially and are subject to medical secrecy.

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