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During the 25th-27th week of pregnancy, all pregnant women are offered the so-called „sugar-test“. This is a insulin provocation test, during which the soon-to-be-mom drinks 300ml of an flavored sugar drink (on an empty stomach) Later levels of blood sugar are measured after one hour and then again after another hour. Naturally, the blood sugar levels will be higher due to the sugar intake.

If the rise of blood sugar is within a certain level, everything is okay.

If, however, the blood sugar level is measured as too high, this is a certain indication for a disturbed sugar metabolism, a so- called „gestational diabetes“.

At the beginning of the test procedures, a preliminary blood sugar level is tested on an empty stomach. If this first result is very low, the probability for „gestational diabetes“ is so very small that no further blood samples are necessary. Then, you can enjoy your bring-along snack without regret and the test has ended before it has even begun.

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All other soon-to-be-Moms have to calculate about 2 hours for the test to finish, during which time they stay in the practice. After the last blood sample, you can eat and drink and go home.

You will receive the test results immediately. The test is carried out under WHO-standards.