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If your have a positive pregnancy test, you should call for an appointment as soon as possible.

Health insurance companies in Switzerland cover every aspect during pregnancy, without discounting your deductible. You only have to inform your health insurance company of your pregnancy via a special form. After the 13th week of pregnancy, all other illnesses such as extraction of the appendix or a thyroid treatment are deductible-free. This is valid up until 8 weeks after the child is born.

At the start of the pregnancy, it is advisable to have a look at your personal situation and record all possible pregnancy risks. Any pre-existing diseases, your body condition and nutritional status, your immune status for relevant infections, as well as determining a lack of vitamin D or iron deficiency. The first appointment should occur in the 7th week of pregnancy.

An immediate appointment after a positive pregnancy test should occur if:

  • You are aware of risks or illnesses (e.g diabetes or earlier, problematic pregnancies)
  • You have had an abortion prior to the pregnancy
  • You have had a fertility therapy
  • You are suffering from great anxiety
  • You have anunwanted pregnancy

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