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Nutrition/Diet during pregnancy

A balanced diet is in every pregnant woman’s best interests.

It is advised to drink about 2.5 l of sugar-free beverages a day and to consume foods high in fiber. If your weight is normal, weight gain during pregnancy should be around 10-12kg. Your demand for calories only rises by about 10%. There are other recommendations for obese women.

800 µg of folic acid (as of the 12th week of pregnancy, 400 µg are enough) as of the stop of contraception and during the pregnancy are advised, to keep the rate of possible illnesses during pregnancy at a low level, as well as to minimize the risk of spina bifida for your unborn ( „open back“). Also, a daily intake of 150µg iodine is advised, if your general diet lacks iodine.

In case of any deficiencies such as iron or vitamin D, you will receive medication to maintain this balance. For health reasons, you should completely rid your diet of untreated cow milk, raw fish, raw eggs or very fat fish.

If you are vegetarian or vegan or cannot eat any other kinds of foods (due to allergies), this will be taken into consideration when planning your diet.

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Stimulants and Drugs

Should you have problems with quitting alcohol, drugs or cigarettes please tell us so!



To prevent toxoplasmosis the following can be considered:

Toxoplasms are transmitted by infected cats onto farm animals or vegetables and thus reach the human organism. It could be that you got the infection in childhood and are immunized. Your immunity will be tested at the beginning of your pregnancy.

If no immunity is found, it is recommended to not consume raw meat or not fully cooked meat. A secure killing of any toxoplasmic pathogen is ensured when everything is heated up to 70° C for over 20 minutes. With higher temperatures, this time-span varies.

When preparing meat in the kitchen, you have to pay attention that every piece of food is heated at its core, meaning meat has to lose its red colour in the center. Cured foods like salami or ham are generally safe. Raw vegetables and fruits need to be washed thoroughly.

It is best to wash your hands with soap and a nail brush after gardenwork, preparing meat, soil-based work or visits to a children’s playground . If you have a cat, he is only to be fed canned or dry food. The cat’s „bathroom“ has to be cleaned daily by someone other than the soon-to-be Mom.

Infos vom Robert Koch Institut

Infos vom Bundesinstitut für Risikobewertung