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Hormonal consultation

The hormonal consultation is something of great personal interest to me. It is holistic medicine at its finest: On the one hand I have you and your personal problems as well as medicinal concerns. On the other hand, I have the lab analytics with your hormonal test and the results.


In 1850, the average life expectancy of a woman was about 38 years. Many died from normal infections or during childbirth. At 50 years of age, most women were tired from working all their lives and ended up as white-haired grandmothers looking after their grandchildren and the chickens.

Today, at 50 or 60, we are fully employed, hope to look sexy and well-groomed, want to control everything, and still be fit and active at 80 or 90.

Sleeping problems, hot flashes, weight gain, depressive phases, joint pains, wrinkly skin, grey hair, loss of libido, pain during intercourse, aconuresis (urinary incontinence), osteoporosis, high blood pressure, age spots, varicose veins, etc. do not really fit the picture.

The aging process is a slow decline in all the glandular processes going on in the body. Glands are organs that secrete substances into the circulatory system, which evoke a reaction in another part of the body, e.g. Pancreas – insulin, thyroid gland – thyroid hormone, ovaries – estrogen.

Hormones that are produced in the gonadal glands are called sex hormones.

The female hormone estrogen is produced in the monthly maturing follicle. At age 45-55, when the individual „supply“ of follicles is used up, hardly any estrogen is produced which affects almost every organ where estrogen receptors are placed, including the brain or the digestive system. Similar decreasing processes occur to other hormones, e.g. progesterone, and all that made up the special female composition.

The lack of hormones is physiological but intolerable if it limits our way of life. The lack of hormones is also intolerable if it should lead to long lasting negative health issues such as osteoporosis, an inconvenient lipid profile, dementia, urinary incontinence...

As such, a hormone replacement therapy can - with individual counseling - be a wise decision to make.

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Bleeding disorder

Every woman usually knows what is normal and what is not when it comes to her menstrual cycle.

Sometimes one can become very accustomed to heavy bleeding and think that is okay. Periods that are too heavy or periods that leave stains on the bedsheets during the night may need to be treated with iron infusions. If this sounds familiar to you, you should have a check-up done.

Light bleeding is of no concern. Sometimes this is wanted, when, for example, the pill is taken regularly or a hormone spiral is used. If your period is very light and you have not used contraception in a while, you might want to check if you are pregnant. You could bleed a bit during early stages of pregnancy. Then, carry out a pregnancy test at home and make an appointment.

In general, there should be no bleeding during pregnancy and you need a consultation. Mostly, it is nothing to be concerned about and the pregnancy is not in danger.

A menstrual cycle of 25 – 35 days is normal. Short cycles lead to more overall bleedings per year and an larger overall loss of blood.

Long cycles are in no need of therapy, as here the circumstances have to be taken into consideration. Do you wish to have a child? Do you have acne, loss of hair, facial hair growth problems, etc ? Then, a correction of the cycle could be helpful.

Chaotic cycles are also in need of clarification. It can happen that, for whatever reason, your cycle and your hormones turn chaotic and this can lead to intermittent bleeding. However, it could also indicate a non-hormonal disruption: sensitive cervix, pain and bleeding during intercourse, benign polyps, sensitive vagina along with a low level of estrogen, etc.

How long ago was your last annual check-up?

Bleedings after menopause: No matter if you take hormones or not, if you get bleedings after your very last period (menopause), you should make an appointment as soon as possible. Not to worry you, but I have to point out, that this could be an indicator for something malignant and ill-natured.

Do you wish to have children?

If you wish to have children, I will certainly help and assist you along the way.

From the first consultation to the full therapy, I can offer you every step. It would be best to bring all necessary information along to the first consultation, such as older lab reports, your menstrual calendar, maybe findings of your partner, etc.

In the practice, a stimulation therapy (injections or tablet-form) with follicle-monitoring is possible.

For insemination, IVF- or ICSI treatments I cooperate with a fertility center. . If you only need a follicle-monitoring for a IVF- or ICSI treatment at another clinic (e.g. in another country), I can offer you short term ultrasound appointments.