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With small issues or chronic illnesses, you have the possibility to be treated homeopathically.

Homoeopathy has a holistic understanding of the human body and the cause of illnesses. The aim of homoeopathic treatments is to not only achieve a decrease in discomfort but a „healing from within“ which can be achieved by finding the right homeopathic medication.


When problems in the menstrual cycle occur, these can be treated fairly well with hormones to achieve a normal period-rhythm. The general cause for these problems does not change or go away and mostly the problems return after ending the treatment.

During homoeopathic therapy, after a careful evaluation of the patient’s medical history, a homeopathic remedy can be chosen that is most similar to the problems.

From the inside, a process is now generated in the body with the result being a normal period rhythm. Depending on the reaction of your metabolism, this may take more time to treat than from, from methods of academic medicine.

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