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Who can take the Pill?

The Pill can be taken by every woman who is healthy and needs safe contraception. If illnesses are present or known in the family, the risk of taking the Pill has to be assessed individually.

Every Pill is different in dosage and types of hormones it contains. Most Pills contain the following two components:


  • a hormone that is derived chemically from female hormones (mostly Ethinylestradiol) and
  • a gestagen that is responsible for preventing ovulation, much like progesterone in the body.

There are many different types of gestagen, and the different types account for the different effects of each Pill. For example, a Pill against acne will contain a different gestagen than a Pill lowering the risk for thrombosis.

Die Pille

The type of Pill that fits you and your needs best is determined during your appointment.

The taking of the Pill can be problematic in smokers or in older women.

For young girls under the age of 16, the law has to be taken into account. For girls under the age of 14, a signed letter of consent must be provided by the parents. This is not necessary for girls older than 13.

  • Information for young girls

    If you can talk to your parents openly about your relationship with your boyfriend and contraception, getting the Pill is no problem. You may wish your mother to come with you to your appointment. If you can not talk to them or are afraid of being punished for taking the Pill, you should still try and come to a gynecologist to receive tips and information. There is always a way! You only have to bring your health insurance card with you on the day of the appointment.

    In any case, sexual intercourse without birth control is dangerous! If you’re having sex without birth control, you can get pregnant – whether it is the first time or the 100th time!