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What can I expect to happen during the consultation for young girls?

Nothing bad...

Most young women and girls come to get (information about) „The Pill“. Some also come due to problems during menstruation or because they are unsure if their body is developing normally.

In most cases, no gynecological examination is needed. If development problems or menstrual problems occur, an internal examination (where the vagina is examined with use of an instrument) will most likely be conducted to assess the problem in detail.

If you come for information and need contraception, you will most likely be offered the pill, The Pill is one of the safest and simplest forms of birth control for very young girls. Before the pill is prescribed, any personal or hereditary health risks have to be discussed. This concerns illnesses or other factors which could enhance the risks and side effects of the pill such as hereditary risk of thrombosis, heart attack or stroke, smoking, being overweight, or suffering from migraines. So, if you decide you want the pill, you will get detailed information on how to take it and what to do if you forget to take it. If desired, I can show you my gynecological equipment and instruments and explain what an internal examination is like. This way you will be more comfortable when the day comes that you do have an examination!

That's all.

If you wish, your friends or mother can come along to the appointment. I also offer consultations for groups of girls at one time.

For further information on contraception, the internet is a good source to answer any questions you might have pre-consultation.

In general, we are always available for questions. Please do not hesitate to call us and ask! Better safe than sorry!!

  • Information for young girls

    If you can talk to your parents openly about your relationship with your boyfriend and contraception, getting the Pill is no problem. You may wish your mother to come with you to your appointment. If you can not talk to them or are afraid of being punished for taking the Pill, you should still try and come to a gynecologist to receive tips and information. There is always a way! You only have to bring your health insurance card with you on the day of the appointment.

    In any case, sexual intercourse without birth control is dangerous! If you’re having sex without birth control, you can get pregnant – whether it is the first time or the 100th time!