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Contraception counselling

All current and up-to-date information around the topic will be discussed to find the best possible contraception for you.

Contraception - What shall be taken into account?

  • What is your preferred method?
  • How often do you need contraception? Long-distance relationship?
  • How regular is your life? Shift work? Travelling?
  • Do you have any health issues? High blood pressure? Blood clotting anomalies? Migraine?
  • Are there any hereditary diseases in your family that shall be considered?
  • Do you have heavy, extraordinary or painful bleedings?
  • Do you prefer to keep your regular bleedings or would you consider the possibility of a contraception without bleedings?
  • Is the contraception to be used for a short period of time ( a few months or years?) or are you looking for a long-term solution?
  • Are you a young woman or will you soon be menopausal?
  • • Do you prefer to take a form of contraception on a daily basis or are you looking for a good contraception without having to remember daily?
  • Are you looking for contraception with or without hormones?
  • How do you protect yourself against sexually transmitted diseases?
  • How much do you know already about different contraceptive methods?
  • What is your experience with the different contraceptive methods?

How many different contraceptive methods exist?

Many! On the internet, you will find plenty of good information regarding contraception. I’m happy to advise you during a consultation in my medical practice.

The consultation will include pros and cons regarding the use and reliability of condoms and diaphragms, the different nature of different pills (“against acne”), the use of Nuva-Ring®, the hormone rod Implanon®, copper spirals, the Gynefix® copper coil, the Mirena® hormone spiral, as well as Jaydess®, 3-month-birth-control-shot and woman/partner sterilisation.