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Anti-Aging or „Better-Aging“ refers to the process of preserving the body’s vitality and preventing old-age diseases. Weight, looks and fitness should not change for the worse.

For this, we offer a broad spectrum of information on analysis of metabolism, additional nutritional products and hormone therapy, as well as nutritional counseling and buildup of muscle in cooperation with partners. In the aesthetics area, we offer treatments with hyaluronic acid and botulinumtoxin.

These treatments are held discreetly outside of regular office hours.


Wrinkles are a sign of the skin’s aging process. Some wrinkles look nice such as the small crow’s feet around the eyes, but others you may find disturbing.

Nowadays, there are many methods without side-effects available to treat wrinkles. One of them is the use of Dermalfillers. The effect of this treatment is that the skin receives more volume and wrinkles are no longer visible. Your lips can also be treated with Dermalfillers. Important to know: In our practice we only use bio- absorbable products. Just make a - non-binding - appointment and ask away!


The treatment with botulinum toxin Type A is a very widespread and simple method to get rid of wrinkles and influence the facial muscles in such a way that prevents wrinkles from forming in the first place.

You facial structures will relax in the treated areas and will appear more harmonious overall. Botulinum toxin is mostly used to treat wrinkles around the eyes (crow’s feet) and on the forehead.

By the way: The botulinum treatment can be combined wonderfully with the Dermalfiller treatment.

The result: You seem more relaxed, well-rested and younger!

We only use products that are based upon one another and are easy to combine with one another and that offer ideal cosmetic results. Prior to your appointment we will inform you discreetly and in detail. Just book your appointment with us!