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Welcome to my gynaecological practice in Zürich

Please scroll down for information related to the procedures of the Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemia!

I look forward to welcoming you to my new practice at Tödistrasse 20 in Zürich.
No woman should be seen only as the sum of her symptoms but rather as an individual, a complex being who is part of relationships, a family, a daily routine be it home, school and/or work and who has habits concerning food and sports.

I do not wish to only look at one moment and a momentary life-situation. The most rewarding thing about gynecology for me is the opportunity to look at a womans’ whole life-span while addressing her health.

My Aim: holistic, nature-based gynecology with the highest of medical standards.

In accordance with the instructions of the BAG, the practice will return to normal operation as of April 27, 2020.

Patients who come to the practice are requested to observe the following:

  • Only come if you have had no contact with corona-positive persons and have no symptoms. Otherwise, please call us.
  • If possible, do not come by public transport, but by bicycle or car.
  • Come alone! Do not bring any relatives with you. If your partner is driving you, he/she must unfortunately stay outside.
  • Please ring the bell at the door of the practice so that we can unlock the door for you. Disinfect your hands for 30 seconds and keep the necessary distance from the other patients. Take advantage of the opportunity to wait on the terrace in spring weather.
  • Bring a face mask if possible.

Thank you very much!
Your practice team

What we offer

Contraceptive Counseling

Luckily, nowadays, there are contraceptives for every woman, no matter what her age. If you have not found the right and safest one for you, I invite you to come in for a counseling consultation. You can have a first- hand look at all the different types of Pills and hormone spirals.

You wish to have children...

...the probability of becoming pregnant in the first month and hitting the right day when both partners are fertile lies at about 30%. Getting lucky may take a few months’ time. If many months have already passed, you are „older“, or you know there is a problem, you should see a doctor.

Hormonal Disorders

Since the beginning of my career as a gynecologist, I have spent most of my time studying (female) hormones e.g. bioidentical hormones. Without hormones that act as messengers in our blood ( e.g. from the brain to the ovaries and back), we would not function. The individual hormones are present in very small quantities in the blood. Despite this, even the slightest change of hormonal concentration can lead to disruptions in the menstrual cycle and a general feeling of wellbeing.

Early Diagnosis of Cancer

Take advantage of the offer to have frequent gynecological check- ups done. Don’t forget to schedule annual gynecological check- ups! Sadly, nobody notices when a cell in the body decides to change its shape, Having annual check- ups ensures early diagnosis of any changes which may be successfully dealt with during early stages, but more difficult to treat during later stages.

Follow-up Care of Cancer

If you have had cancer, qualified after-care is vital for your sense of security. Your trust in your body is still shaky, and you may not feel as fit as you did before the treatment. You might not be able to do certain things yet and are scared that the cancer might return. Regular, thorough check-ups accompanied by talks with your doctor are of upmost importance.

Prenatal Care

Your period has not come, and you are experiencing tender, painful breasts. This is often how pregnancy begins. You need a lot of information, an ultrasound examination, and regularly scheduled check-ups. Doctor visits will be necessary first every 4 weeks and later more frequently, according to your individual situation and any possible risks that need to be observed.

Office hours practice Dr. Regine Laser

Office hours practice Dr. med. Regine Laser

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Fridays from 09:00 until 12:00 hours.

Emergency numbers outside office hours:

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