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Welcome to my gynaecological practice in Zürich

Please scroll down for information related to the procedures of the Covid-19/Coronavirus pandemia!

I look forward to welcoming you to my new practice at Tödistrasse 20 in Zürich.
No woman should be seen only as the sum of her symptoms but rather as an individual, a complex being who is part of relationships, a family, a daily routine be it home, school and/or work and who has habits concerning food and sports.

I do not wish to only look at one moment and a momentary life-situation. The most rewarding thing about gynecology for me is the opportunity to look at a womans’ whole life-span while addressing her health.

My Aim: holistic, nature-based gynecology with the highest of medical standards.

In the following you find up-to-date information and procedures related to the Covid-19/Coronavirus Pandemia !

Dear Patients!

I hope that you and your loved ones are all well, and you have been able to adapt to the new situation somehow.

We would like to provide you with some information regarding the practice in the next coming weeks. In the attached documents (Prescriptions, Pregnancies, New Patients - please scroll down) you can read about the particular situation, which applies to you.

All patients fall under the recommendations issued by the BAG. Other than that the Pandemic plans of the Kanton and the official directives apply, of course.

  • From the 23.03.2020 (after the „vacation“), we will continue to operate the practice, as long as neither of us is Corona-positive, is in quarantine, or have to close because of other reasons.
  • We will have to operate according tot he urgency of the matters – first those who are ill or pregnant, only then phone calls and emails. It takes a lot of work to reorganise everything.
  • Generally, we are always available, and will definitely get back to you, even if there may be some delay in our phone- and email answers. If our phone line is busy, please leave a message on the answering machine – please make sure that you leave your inquiry in a very clear manner. Please state your first and last name, your date of birth, and your exact concern. If you need medication, please read its name off the label, and indicate how much of it you need. Please leave the message in such a manner, that we do not have to call you back with follow up questions.
  • The opening hours for patients will be shortened, depending on how the situation evolves.
  • The practice will continue to receive pregnant patients, patients with current medical conditions and patients who have a diagnosis, which needs to be controlled.
  • Appointments, which have been booked until now, are still valid and are not automatically cancelled. Please cancel those (either over the phone or through your MedicoSearch Account). Then book a new appointment at a later time, or a phone appointment.
  • virtuall Gyn-Praxis:
    • All appointments which can be made over the phone, will be taken care of in this manner. To set up a phone appointment, please book via book online and choose Telefonkonsultation. For less complicated issues please book a time slot of 15 mins, and for more complex ones 2x15 mins. Please enter your current phone number once again.
    • We will also install a Skype possibility in the practice, and I will contact you through Skype, if you leave your Skype-address in the booking instead of your phone number.
    • Virtual appointments will be billed as “Gesprächtermine”. You can prepare before the appointment, by for example measuring your blood pressure and weight beforehand.

For patients, who come to the practice in person, we ask to adhere to the following:

  • Come only if have not been exposed to a Corona-positive patients, and have no symptoms. If you have been exposed, or have symptoms, please call us.
  • Don’t use public transport, as far as that is possible. Come with a car or by walking instead. There are parking possibilities in the “Innenhof”, through the Stockerstrasse to the Gotthardstrasse.
  • Come alone! Don’t bring any relatives. If your partner is driving you, he/she will have to wait outside.
  • Ring the door to the Practice, so that we can let you in. Desinfect your hands for 30 seconds, and keep a safe distance from all the other patients. Use the opportunity of the spring weather, to wait out on the terrace.
Dear ladies, I really hope that we will all see each other, healthy, very soon, and that we don’t lose our hope, even if the world will be full of changes in the next couple of weeks.

Dr. med. Regine Laser

More specific information for…

Patients with reoccurring prescriptions

Also here I would like to write a few lines:
  • You can continue to pick up the medication in the practice-pharmacy. Write us a short email, asking if we are there, and then come and ring the door. You will receive the medication at the door.
  • If you write us an email which exact medication you need, and in which dose/concentration and amount, we will send you the prescription per mail to your home address. We would prefer not to send the Medication over the post, as that requires additional work, and is something we can take care of in the practice.
  • The individual “Rezepturen” of the Magistral-Apotheken will unfortunately be a bit more problematic, as it seems that the Pharmacies don’t have the employees for the production thereof.

    Already at the beginning of the year there was a change in the prescription-sending of these by SwissMed, which has meant that they can’t be sent to you first, and then to the pharmacy.

    We will send the prescription directly to the Pharmacy, and put you in cc, so that you know it’s on its way.

    It is unfortunately possible that the pharmacy will tell us, that they can’t deliver… (we have no info, how this is handled by the pharmacy).If that is the case, you can unproblematically and “bioidentically” change to either Oestrogel or Utrogestan. I will then inform you of the dosis, analogically to the old one.

    Pregnenolon or DHEA can be ordered alternatively through www.vitabasix.com

    Currently, I know of no alternative for Testosterone.

Corona information for pregnant women

There does not seem to be a particular risk for pregnant women. No virus transmission to unborn childer, have been observed. Pregnant women have to assume, that they are young healthy women, which can withstand the virus. At least, that is the theory. But please do still be very cautious, and isolate yourselves, your small children and partner, from any possible infection sources. Isolate yourselves consequently.

It is important that you are not infected with the virus at the time of delivery, as there is still no clarity or statement regarding what a Corona infection may mean for the new born. Most probably, the new born would have to stay at the new born ward, with no contact to the parents, until the quarantine is over, or the infection has been cured.

Breast milk seems to be virus free.

Regarding work regulations, there does not seem to be any new special rules, meaning you are still required to fulfil your work obligation, as long as there is no suspicion of infection. The last information from BAG dated 18.03.2020, reads:

  • The BAG will soon publish an FAQ for pregnant women. The BAG will inform you accordingly.
  • To the current knowledge, pregnant women do not run any additional risk, as long as the protection measures against COVID-19, as issued by the BAG, are observed. A certificate of incapacity for work without illness is therefore not indicated. A basic prohibition due to the working conditions is only indicated if the protective measures against COVID-19 of the BAG are not observed, and hence also apply to the maternity protection ordinance of the company. However, we expect that most cases the protective measures can be observed.

Please make sure to make any further specific arrangements with your employer. Clarify if home office is a possibility, or if you can work from areas of the company, which are remote from the public. An “Arbeitsunfähigkeitsbescheinigung“ for the employer can only, as uptil now, be issued in case of an illness with an underlying diagnosis.

Please make sure to observe your appointments in practice.

Information for new patients:

I regret very much, that our first meeting to get to know each other, is taking place in these complicated circumstances.

If you currently have a problem, which needs a gynaecological examination, then do come to your appointment in the praxis as planned. Bring the filled out questionnaire together with your insurance card, and the documents mentioned in the text below.

For all other patients, I suggest that we carry out the first time appointment, over the phone, or even better – Skype. I prefer Skype as I can at least get to know you a little bit better, if I at least can see you over the screen.

Please do the following:

  1. Download the questionnaire for new patients, from our website www.dr-laser.ch - you can find it at the bottom of the page. It is also attached as pdf to this email.
  2. Fill out the questionnaire completely, and in a readable manner and scan it.
  3. Copy your insurance card.
  4. Copy / Scan your last prescriptions, your OP/ mammography/ Doctor files / Vaccine record and anything else that could be of importance.
  5. Email all the above mentioned to us at email address: office@dr-laser.ch. Please mention in the email how I can reach you at the time of our appointment.
  6. Erwähnen Sie im Anschreiben, wie ich Sie zum Zeitpunkt unseres Termins erreichen kann.
We would then certainly make another appointment in person, in the practice, so that a gynaecological examination can take place.

Dear ladies, I really hope that we will all see each other, healthy, very soon, and that we don’t lose our hope, even if the world will be full of changes in the next couple of weeks.

What we offer

Contraceptive Counseling

Luckily, nowadays, there are contraceptives for every woman, no matter what her age. If you have not found the right and safest one for you, I invite you to come in for a counseling consultation. You can have a first- hand look at all the different types of Pills and hormone spirals.

You wish to have children...

...the probability of becoming pregnant in the first month and hitting the right day when both partners are fertile lies at about 30%. Getting lucky may take a few months’ time. If many months have already passed, you are „older“, or you know there is a problem, you should see a doctor.

Hormonal Disorders

Since the beginning of my career as a gynecologist, I have spent most of my time studying (female) hormones e.g. bioidentical hormones. Without hormones that act as messengers in our blood ( e.g. from the brain to the ovaries and back), we would not function. The individual hormones are present in very small quantities in the blood. Despite this, even the slightest change of hormonal concentration can lead to disruptions in the menstrual cycle and a general feeling of wellbeing.

Early Diagnosis of Cancer

Take advantage of the offer to have frequent gynecological check- ups done. Don’t forget to schedule annual gynecological check- ups! Sadly, nobody notices when a cell in the body decides to change its shape, Having annual check- ups ensures early diagnosis of any changes which may be successfully dealt with during early stages, but more difficult to treat during later stages.

Follow-up Care of Cancer

If you have had cancer, qualified after-care is vital for your sense of security. Your trust in your body is still shaky, and you may not feel as fit as you did before the treatment. You might not be able to do certain things yet and are scared that the cancer might return. Regular, thorough check-ups accompanied by talks with your doctor are of upmost importance.

Prenatal Care

Your period has not come, and you are experiencing tender, painful breasts. This is often how pregnancy begins. You need a lot of information, an ultrasound examination, and regularly scheduled check-ups. Doctor visits will be necessary first every 4 weeks and later more frequently, according to your individual situation and any possible risks that need to be observed.

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